About Well Traveled

We travel. This much is obvious by now, providing you had a look at some of the content published here. For business and for pleasure. Sometimes we’ll visit ten cities in three countries in two weeks of a hectic roadtrip, and sometimes we’ll spend three weeks in one place, with no plan upfront whatsoever.

Who’s “we”? Milena & Michał, Michał & Milena. M&M for short. (No trademark infringement intended.) We’re married for some time now and happy to share a passion for visiting places, meeting people and trying out exotic cuisines.

This blog is meant mostly for our relatives and friends, who keep bugging us to stay in touch and relate our experiences. We used to write them emails but at one point figured we might as well publish the same content online, with neat typography and some photos attached.

All text is authored by Michał, including the one you’re reading now. I enjoy writing and I work with web technologies on a daily basis. Milena is providing input, commentary and lots of inspiration to keep this going.

The website is published with Hugo, a superb static site generator. All photos are our own, unless noted otherwise. All content—text, photos—are Creative-Commons BY licensed, which means you can use, modify and even make money off of them. I built a custom Hugo theme for the website, which I also open-sourced.