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Tel-Aviv is for living

in Warszawa, Poland
There’s not much to see here. Some bauhaus buildings, two markets, maybe one or two neighborhoods. But so much to do! Exercise, eat, party and spend afternoons lazily in one of the street cafes. It’s a perfectly livable city, with lots of variety, plenty of freedom and few annoyances.

Scorching heat of the Dead Sea

in Tel Aviv, Israel
People floating on their backs in the deep blue water, reading newspapers. That’s the image of the Dead Sea we had in our minds, probably from some ancient brochure. We had to see for ourselves, of course.

Chasing sunsets

in Kuzhupilly Beach, India
Sound of sea waves crashing against the shore. Their melody putting us to sleep and welcoming us to every new day. We’re in Kuzhupilly Beach, just north of Kochi. The moment we arrived we knew it was a most fortunate decision to spend a full four days and nights here, relaxing, recharging, looking out to sea.

Sky, sand & surf

in Sanur, Bali, Indonesia
Paradise. We found it on the island where the land meets the sea, and it’s a whole different world from the craze of traffic and the never-ending rush of Denpasar with its adjacent cities. It must be the beaches around here that charm, enchant, captivate imagination, and keep folks coming back for more.

Which way to paradise?

in Sanur, Bali, Indonesia
They have no sidewalks. The local streets consist of patches of asphalt (mostly smooth, thankfully), covered by a zillion scooters passing, sided by half-a-meter-deep ditches to contain heavy rainfall, then immediately property walls. Pedestrians enter at your own risk. It’s loud, it’s messy, it’s unorderly. It’s Bali.