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The Grand Wedding

in Coimbatore, India
Drum roll please! The final act of our epic journey is about to begin. Our good friend’s getting married in a flurry of colorful ceremonies, surrounded by a posse of relatives, friends and acquaintances. We’re here to keep him company, cheer loudly for his newly forged family, and thoroughly enjoy ourselves.

First impressions of Bengaluru

in Bengaluru, India
We’re quite surprised at how comfortable we are feeling here. It’s hot, it’s hectic, there’s a billion people in the streets, there’s litter everywhere and we keep fending off rikshaw drivers peddling their services. Yet, we’re really confident walking these here streets. They’re familiar.

Sounds of India

in Warszawa, Poland
Mystical and spacious as the misty mountain ranges. Noisy and chaotic as the busy street markets. Wacky and cheesy as the blockbusters of Bollywood. India’s musical scene is as broad as the country and as diverse as its people. We are tuning in right now, hours before leaving for the subcontinent.

White celebrities

in Sanur, Bali, Indonesia
Brace yourself when, being white, you stumble upon a school trip of teenage, Muslim girls crossing your way in Bali. You’re just about to loose half an hour of your life on taking selfies with every single three or four of them. Just because you’re white—not even a particularly uncommon sight around.