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First impressions of Bengaluru

in Bengaluru, India
We’re quite surprised at how comfortable we are feeling here. It’s hot, it’s hectic, there’s a billion people in the streets, there’s litter everywhere and we keep fending off rikshaw drivers peddling their services. Yet, we’re really confident walking these here streets. They’re familiar.

The heat of preparations

in Warszawa, Poland
Three weeks away from now we’ll take off from Warsaw, stop over at Doha for some frozen yogurt, and then head straight for India. We’re in the middle of our usual planning & preparations routine, steadily getting a bit more anxious with every passing week. It’ll be fun to see how our, certainly flawed, expectations stack up against reality on the ground.

Traces of Poland

in Sanur, Bali, Indonesia
I wasn’t expecting to find any. We’re almost as far from Poland as physically possible while still remaining on the surface of Earth. I was expecting getting mixed up with Holland, which to the untrained ear sounds just the same, and then blank stares once we repeat “no, PO-land”. And I was wrong.

Which way to paradise?

in Sanur, Bali, Indonesia
They have no sidewalks. The local streets consist of patches of asphalt (mostly smooth, thankfully), covered by a zillion scooters passing, sided by half-a-meter-deep ditches to contain heavy rainfall, then immediately property walls. Pedestrians enter at your own risk. It’s loud, it’s messy, it’s unorderly. It’s Bali.