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Planning for sunlight aplenty

in Warszawa, Poland
I’ve been watching StreetView images from Tel Aviv for months now, with envy. People in March and October walking around in short sleeves and sandals, light jackets at worst. All the while we were having -15C here in Warsaw. But it’s time now. Spring’s in Poland, and a few days from now we’ll be in year-round-sunny Israel.

T minus 24 hours

in Warszawa, Poland
Almost there. Tomorrow at this time we’ll be sipping outrageously overpriced coffee at Chopin Airport, waiting for boarding for the first leg of our journey. Looks like we have everything covered, past dilemmas resolved, auto-responders operational. It’s just bits and pieces left.

The heat of preparations

in Warszawa, Poland
Three weeks away from now we’ll take off from Warsaw, stop over at Doha for some frozen yogurt, and then head straight for India. We’re in the middle of our usual planning & preparations routine, steadily getting a bit more anxious with every passing week. It’ll be fun to see how our, certainly flawed, expectations stack up against reality on the ground.