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A country to live, not to vacation

in Warszawa, Poland
Police car lights always blink here, no matter if they’re speeding to an intervention or just cruising. Electrical bikes and scooters rule the streets and sidewalks. Cats are everywhere, but oddly no stray dogs. And the Tel Aviv climate in April feels lovely, damp and warm. So much is obvious, but what else is there about the country?

Is Israel safe?

in Veliki Preslav, Bulgaria
Terrorist attacks, bombings and warfare are, sadly, as much part of Israel’s image, as the Western Wall and other sacred places. Our families were mildly concerned before our travel, urging us to stay safe and out of trouble. But was it warranted? For the most part, we felt very safe and saw less visible security than elsewhere.

First impressions of Bengaluru

in Bengaluru, India
We’re quite surprised at how comfortable we are feeling here. It’s hot, it’s hectic, there’s a billion people in the streets, there’s litter everywhere and we keep fending off rikshaw drivers peddling their services. Yet, we’re really confident walking these here streets. They’re familiar.