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Tel-Aviv is for living

in Warszawa, Poland
There’s not much to see here. Some bauhaus buildings, two markets, maybe one or two neighborhoods. But so much to do! Exercise, eat, party and spend afternoons lazily in one of the street cafes. It’s a perfectly livable city, with lots of variety, plenty of freedom and few annoyances.

Creative Kochi

in Kochi, India
It’s not all sky, sand and sea in Kerala. Being the subcontinent’s eastern seafront, some of the first explorers from the west arrived here, followed by centuries of foreign contacts. We took a day off from lazying around and went discovering the old port of Kochi.

Diving into Mysuru

in Mysuru, India
This is it, we’re in India. Not the cosmopolitan streets of Bengaluru anymore, and with far fewer white people in sight. Food is getting even better, weather is still great, we’re integrating closer with local people, literally rubbing shoulders, and arguing over the price of watermelons.